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This is "Как сделать сухой погреб на высокой воде ч Крыша" by palyga nikolai on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. kekak.салонавтошин.рф Did you know? Customize your video URL and send people to kekak.салонавтошин.рф instead of kekak.салонавтошин.рф В этой статье мы рассмотрим поэтапно, как сделать шатровую крышу своими руками. Начнем с того, что же собой представляет шатровая kekak.салонавтошин.рф: Sscorpio. Begin your pillow by cutting two white squares 20″x20″. Use your disappearing marker to divide the square into 8 equal slices. Create a template the size of these slices and round the end to make a petal. Draw the rounded petals onto the fabric. Cut these petals’ edges out. Cut an 8″ circle.

When I was young and would stay home sick from school, my mom and I would always watch Nora Ephron romantic comedies. All that to say, I thought a cute daisy pillow would brighten up my living room too!

Use your disappearing marker to divide the square into 8 equal slices.

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Create a template the size of these slices and round the end to make a petal. Draw the rounded petals onto the fabric. Use this to cut 4 circles out of the yellow fabric. Do the same for the other two. This creates a hole to pull the other uncut side through.

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Using the tips of your fingers, roll the edge fabric of the circles out to the stitch line. Iron along as you find the edge to press it in. With the two white pieces facing each other, sew them together using a half inch seam allowance.

At the indents, sew 2 stitches across. This keeps them much sharper when you flip it.

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Speaking of, make sure to leave a few inches un-sewn to have a hole to turn it right-side out. Clip the seam allowance being careful not to cut the thread.

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Next step, turn it right-side out through that hole. Like you did with the yellow circles, iron the edges outward. Sew a few tack stitches every few inches around the yellow circle through all of the layers. Leave some room between them to fill it with stuffing. Loosely fill the entire pillow with stuffing. If you overstuff, it will buckle. Hand-sew the opening closed. I think it definitely adds an extra friendly touch to my mid-century chair in our living room.

I only wish I had made two so I could also have one for my couch. Looks like I have another trip to the fabric store in my future.


I was just expecting the pillow to be a geometric shape with floral print when I saw the title of this post, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I clicked into it! This is adorable, not really my style though! In the photos the petals seem to be shown as going from the outside of the petal to the yellow centre.

How is this shown in the picture please.

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I LOVE it. A few little girls are going to be so happy.

And I happened to have all the fabric I need to make this. Thank you so much.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Sew the circles onto the white body of the pillows.

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Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. Super cute! Can you do a monstera leaf pillow DIY? Please oh please oh please?!

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  • This is so sweet! Would love to make these in multiple colors for a day bed!

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    This pillow is adorable! I love it! So dainty. I reaally love your pictures aswell!

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  • I love this pillow! The flower shape is so much fun. Cancel reply.

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